Create instant mood lighting with a cake dome

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I recently stumbled upon this awesome idea for instant party lights…

Cake dome + LED string lights = easy mood lighting!

Bonus lighting ideas…

party table lighting

If you happen to have a table with a hollowed-out base, use string lights to light that sucker up from the inside out.

dinosaur jar centerpiece DIY

Or, if you want to get a little more involved than just “take LED string lights and stick ’em in something,” head over to Offbeat Bride to see how to turn pickle jars into party centerpieces!

Comments on Create instant mood lighting with a cake dome

  1. All of these are lovely, but that last pic is truly a thing of beauty. Dinosaurs are held in high regard in my house, and moss in a jar may be the only plant (or plantlike thing) we can keep from getting eaten by jerkcats. I think my kitchen table could use a centerpiece 😀

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