Spruce up the outside of your kitchen cabinets with contact paper

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kitchen cabinets with contact paper

Homie Cj Ahrens uploaded these photos of their kitchen cabinet DIY. Check out the before and after…

Before cabinets

The bottom cabinets used to match these plain white upper cabinets. That was until CJ went after them with contact paper from the dollar store, measured and cut to fit the inlays of cabinets.

kitchen cabinets with contact paper after

Doesn’t this look lovely? Contact paper: It’s not just for inside your cabinets anymore!

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Comments on Spruce up the outside of your kitchen cabinets with contact paper

  1. I like how it’s in the same color scheme as the counter top, but I’m sure a bright contrast color would also look great! Is it durable?

    • (non-expert opinion ahead): Removeable depends on what you put it on. If it goes on a flat, smooth, clean/dry surface (ie. another contact paper layer, or melamine) I would think you could remove it. I would recommend non-dollar-store-kind though; At least the dollar store kind I got was super thin and theres no way I’d be able to remove it cleanly. I’d recommend a small test area first (perhaps the back bottom corner of the cabinet door).

  2. This is tooo funny. I was JUST planning on writing a post for you folks re: Shelf papering an entire kitchen to cover old laminate. But once we ordered the samples, (which we did love by the way) and priced it out, we realized that changing out the old hardware would actually give us an okay look without the cost/time. However, during that period we ordered peel and stick vinyl backsplash tiles from smart tiles and many samples of very high grade shelf paper from chic shelf paper, and I am kind of bummed I didn’t end up doing my “peel and stick” kitchen makeover. If you check “chic shelf paper”‘s pinterest, they have a great board full of ideas of what you can “peel and stick” including some rad kitchens. But for those of you wondering, if you have flat laminate cupboards, you can totally cover them in their entirety with heavy duty shelf paper (like the one mentioned above) and it looks great, peels off afterwards well too.

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