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Girls shoes for the little ladies who don’t like pink

My toddler boy shoe post was such a hit a few weeks ago, and there were tons of comments from y’all who have girls who were like YES NON-PINK SHOES! It made me decide that I wanted to take a look at some brightly colored, non-frilly girl shoes.

Inspiration for brightly-colored little boy clothes

I decided that I wanted to collect and share some brightly colored little boy fashion, for those of you who might be considering how you can still have a LOT of fun with boy clohes. I put out the call to Offbeat Mamas to sent me pictures of their little dudes wearing bright colors and YAY! Wait ’til you see what they sent me…

Avoid undergarments, and six other advanced thrifting methods

My best advice for thrift store shopping: KNOW YOURSELF. Don’t get shit just because it’s cheap, and don’t look at stuff that’s never going to fit.

Five-minute fashion: the left coast layers

I demand comfort and ease, but I’m sick of wearing yoga pants and a tshirt every day. My solution? This look: LEFT COAST LAYERS.

Prom gown shopping with an offbeat teen

My offbeat teen doesn’t know what she wants in a prom gown, but she definitely knows what she DOESN’T want — what to do?

An ode to skinny jeans

Kayden, my step-son, seems to be following in the same footsteps as myself and his father. He’s relatively unfazed by the current wave of en vogue accoutrements for middle school boys. Skinny jeans, however, were just too powerful a force to overcome. He needed to have skinny jeans.

How do mamas with high maintenance aesthetics make it work?

I got an email a few weeks ago from a reader who wanted to hear about how mamas with high maintenance looks (goth! rockabilly! pin-up!) manage to maintain their styles after having a child. This question really resonated for me because, although I don’t have quite as high maintenance aesthetic as some, I definitely love my glittery eyeshadow and eyeliner and loud boots and pink hair.

Kid’s noise cancelling headphones: all the fun with none of the hearing damage

Our little roadie at her best. Angelene (aka A.Jams) is seen here with her rockstar headphones, the Peltor Junior Earmuffs. They come in tons of colors.