Girls shoes for the little ladies who don’t like pink

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Camper 80277 Twins Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)My toddler boy shoe post was such a hit a few months ago, and there were tons of comments from y’all who have girls who were like YES NON-PINK SHOES! It made me decide that I wanted to take a look at some brightly colored, non-frilly girl shoes. (Now to be clear: this ain’t nothing against pink shoes. If you like pink shoes, YOU ARE IN LUCK because you’ve got loooots of options. But for the rest of us….)


Camper Kids' 80254-Ous Sandal

John Deere Big Kid JD3126 Wellington Western Boot

Naturino Toddler Skater Laces/B Sneaker

Vincent Toddler/Little Kid Moltas Boot

Chuches Infant/Toddler 55070 T-Strap Shoe

Vincent Kids' Lennart Hook-and-Loop Shoe

pediped Grip-N-Go Brooklyn Sandal

Rainbow Steps Infant/Toddler 162 First Walker

KEEN Coronado Metallic Casual Velcro Strap Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid)

Catimini Toddler/Little Kid Cheyenne Boot

Satch & Sol Toddler/Little Kid Sunshine Slipper

JOSMO Kids' 2098 Flat

crocs Genna Mary Jane (Toddler/Little Kid)

Crocs Kids - Crocband Jaunt (Toddler/Youth) (Lime) - Footwear


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Comments on Girls shoes for the little ladies who don’t like pink

  1. I think little shoes and socks are the reason I want kids. It’s like from “How I Met Your Mother” when Lily, Robin and Marshall are all “…..SOCK *d’awwwwwww*.”

  2. Daft question. Am I right in thinking that kids shoe sizes are the same regardless of gender? Its not like boys have on average larger feet than girls or vice versa is it? Because that way, you could just buy any awesome shoes!

    • I have an almost 2 year old girl and the boys I know around her age all have bigger feet than her. On average I would say about 2-3 sizes bigger.
      But the sizes are the same in boys and girls shoes.

    • Yeah the sizing is the same which does make buying any awesome shoe way easier! My almost three year old daughter wears both very girly stuff and boys clothes/shoes (she wears her bright blue “boys” shark sandals with her little ruffly skirts)

  3. Oh, the want to have a little girl is strong. Mostly for the sandals that seem to be everywhere in consignment stores (and little jumper skirts).

  4. I’m still in love with the red leather boots I bought my niece a couple of months ago. She’s nearly 3, and they are seriously the SHIZ! And the rad up her style – given that she has flaming red hair! I think I’ll have to demand them as hand-me-downs if ever the ‘need’ should arise!

  5. did my comment get deleted because i mentioned a different brand of shoe? really? that’s considered ‘drama’ because it’s a sponsored post?

    • I didn’t see a comment from you come in (and it certainly wasn’t deleted), so it likely got caught by our automated spam filters. We deal with a lot of spam, and sometimes the filters can get over-aggressive. Try again, if you’d like.

      (Also, it should be noted that this post isn’t sponsored — it just features affiliate links. In other words, I didn’t get paid to post this, but if someone buys shoes after clicking a link, a small cut goes towards Offbeat Mama. I realize it’s a small difference, but I just wanted to be clear!)

      • okay, that’s good to know. i just mentioned that i stopped buying girl shoes all together because they tend to not be as well made or ready for PLAY as boys shoes are. girls need grippy non-skid shoes just as much as boys do.

  6. Great post. I came across it looking for NON PINK underwear for my daughter who, well, just won’t wear anything pink or “girly.” Any suggestions for where to get non-pastel colored underwear e.g. red, navy, green for girls?? And, while we are at it, why doesn’t Disney make girls underwear for all their movie characters. Can’t girls like Lightning McQueen and not light Cinderella?

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