Kid’s noise cancelling headphones: all the fun with none of the hearing damage

Guest post by Stefanie Grinslade
Rocker grrl in training!
Rocker grrl in training!

Our little roadie at her best. Angelene (aka A.Jams) is seen here with her rockstar headphones, the Peltor Junior Earmuffs. They come in tons of colors.

Since I think Gwen Stefani is one of the coolest chicks alive, the second I saw her son on the runway with these on I had to get them.

Blue earmuffsThese headphones really work. I travel the country in an 8 piece band and A.Jams hits the road with us and she can comfortably rock out on stage with us. As you can see in the pic, she LOVES them!!!

You can also get these in blue if that’s your thing. These are perfect for taking kids to concerts or music festivals!

Comments on Kid’s noise cancelling headphones: all the fun with none of the hearing damage

  1. That is an awesome picture of the kiddo there. She's totally rockin' out!
    I'm not sure my daughter would let me put those headphones on her, though. Before we went to SXSW last year, I had my mom (an audiologist) make custom earplugs for my daughter. They are called HearSavers and they come with a string attached to each plug, to keep the set together and make it easier to put on/take off.

  2. My boyfriend grew up going to car races, and just being around loud cars in general, and now has a hard time hearing. We just got back from a race in Wisconsin, and I saw an entire golf cart full of kiddies with these on! It was really cute, and I will definitely buy some for our future kiddos so they don't end up like their almost deaf daddy!

  3. both my kids have these (one of each, blue and pink!) and I've uploaded some pics of them to the flickr pool 🙂 my FH and I take them to looooooooots of shows, pretty much whenever we can – in Chicago unfortunately there aren't a ton of all-ages venues but house shows are great

  4. We have these for our son! He knows when we get to the race track or going to see daddy play in his band, its time to put on his ear protection! Can't be too careful when you are watching cars smash into each other or listening to daddy rock out!

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