Five-minute fashion: the left coast layers

Updated Oct 12 2015

I'm going to make an effort to get more fashion on Offbeat Mama, cuz you know what? Just because I had a kid doesn't mean that I want to give up my style. Yes, we feature plenty of kid clothes. That's cool: kid clothes are cute. We also feature maternity fashion. Also cool… but you're only pregnant for a few months a few times. You gotta dress your mom-ass the rest of the time, and why should kids and preggos get all the fun?

That in mind, I'm presenting what I hope will be the first of a series on five-minute fashion for offbeat mamas.

The challenge: I work from home most days and spend a lot of time with a 15-month-old who could not care less what I'm wearing. It's hard to motivate myself to get all fancy, but yoga pants seven days a week leave me feeling bored and even worse: frumpy. (ESCANDALO!) Even if it's just me and the kid, I need to feel good about mah shit. Hence: I need something a hair more fancy pants. Or just intentional pants.

The demands: Yes, I want some fancy, but I demand comfort. I demand easy fabric care. This sweet little muffintop demands elastic waists that aren't sweat pants. I don't demand indie labels, but I do demand something I like — which I'll be damned if I can find at chain stores these days. (Evidently, I have become That Lady who hates contemporary fashion. I tried to go to H&M the other day and walked out baffled.)

The solution: LEFT COAST LAYERS. A little hippie, a little bellydance/urban tribal, a tiny bit of steam, and a LOT of layers.

How to get the look: thin and soft jersey fabrics, ruffled pants, frilled skirts, dresses with serged edges — ALL AT ONCE. As in, the pants, the skirt, and a dress simultaneously. Add a shrug or a wrap for a little warmth. All stretchy. All machine washable. Toss a hip belt (aka "hippie fanny pack") on that shit for the ultiltarian factor, and BAM. Interesting, but comfortable.

Sweet Skins EcoFleece Original
$95 –

Tips for this look:

  • Try searching Etsy for stuff like bloomers, bellydance skirts, eco fashion, and elf hoodies.
  • Treehouse28 specializes in this style
  • If you need to add a little structure to your stretchy, jersey-filled outfit, try adding a steamy vest or cincher skirt.

So. That's MY contribution to easy, offbeat mama fashion. Who else has an easy but offbeat look to share?