Make your own an industrial jewelry stand for $10

Guest post by Heron

Remember Heron from her DC rowhouse tour? Well, here’s her DIY solution for keeping jewelry organized.

Ta-da!Hey Homies, I made a jewelry stand for $10 because my dresser was getting super messy.

Here’s how you can do it too!

What you will need:
Supplies for jewelry stand.

  • 1 foot of large gauge screen, a yard wide – $2 (This means that the width of the screen or mesh was approximately 36″ and I bought 1 foot of it.)
  • 4 L brackets or “corner braces” – $5 (Mine were 2 1/2 x 5/8″ and came with screws, which I’ll use with another project.)
  • 4 tiny bolts and their corresponding nuts – $.30 (I asked the employees at the hardware store which size bolts to get so fit the brackets.)
  • 1 can of Rustoleum spray paint – $2 (You can get any color or finish, just make sure it will work on metal.)
  • Matching duct tape, optional.
  • Gloves
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Newspaper or dropcloth to paint on
  • Cat, optional.


  1. Fold the mesh or screen in half once the long way, making a rectangle that’s 18″ tall by 12″ wide.
  2. Take all the insanely pointy bits on the edges of the screen and bend them with the needle-nose pliers to lie flat. Wear gloves or poke yourself ONE BILLION TIMES.Needle-nose pliers to turn down sharp edges
  3. Using the BOLTS (not the screws, because bolts have a nut to hold two things together while screws don’t) and the regular pliers, fasten the L brackets to each-other THROUGH the mesh. The screw-holes (or bolt holes) on my brackets were offset, so I could only use one bolt in each bracket, which made it less stable. If you have brackets with holes that are evenly set, they’ll match up when you pair them together on either side of the mesh.Screw the brackets to the screen.
  4. Tighten the bolts some more.
  5. Tighten some more.
  6. Take the whole wobbly affair and wrestle with it a bit to get the mesh to straighten out.
  7. Bring it outside and put it on some newspaper, a dropcloth, some sand, anything you don’t mind getting super painty. Paint the stand with two or three coats of your fav paint.Spray with Rustoleum, a DIY-er's best friend.
  8. (optional) Once the paint is dry (1 hour) cut an 18″ piece of the duct tape into two piece LONG ways and trim the edges of the stand so that the edges don’t cut ya in the future.
  9. Wait a day for the paint to TRULY dry.
  10. PUT IT SOMEWHERE and HANG yo’ shit on it.

The finished product.

Comments on Make your own an industrial jewelry stand for $10

  1. This is a great idea! I’ve made them before from funky picture frames and the mesh screen you use in windows. But this seems more sturdy and gives you larger options.

  2. This is cool, but can be tricky for non-hoop or dangly earrings. For mine, I hot-glue gunned mosquito wire to a plate stand, and now all my earrings live happily together.

  3. This is awesome. You could use all of those goodies in the picture hanging section to trick it out more, s-hooks and toggle bolts for necklace and bracelet hangers, maybe a super long bolt and nut combo to hold rings, wingnuts for…something.

  4. My optional cat keeps knocking mine over. (Or at least, she would.) I wonder if it could be mounted to the wall easily… Maybe just some good hooks and hang it. (without the stands, of course)

    • It would be super easy to make this wall hang-able. Just add a few more bends! After folding the screen in half, fold the top and bottom two inches of the screen 90 degrees (so it looks like a really tall and skinny ‘C’). Then, attach the brackets to these top and bottom of the ‘C’ and screw the brackets into the wall. BAM. Mounted.

  5. Looking for display ideas for craft shows that will stand on their own. This fits the bill!
    Thank you for sharing and if you have any other ideas, please send to my e-mail address.

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