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Red Ruby Rose has the perfect clutches for you and those hard-to-shop-for ladies

The UK’s Red Ruby Rose has been a featured over on Offbeat Bride several times now. However these gorgeous clutch bags are suitable for all occasions — not just weddings — so we decided to feature them over here! In honor of Red Ruby Rose coming on as a Home & Life sponsor, the designer Rowena is hosting a giveaway just for the Homies! Let’s gawk, shop, and learn how to win one of these beauties for free…

Work clothes that aren’t made by little hungry children putting in 18 hour days

Good news, Homies! I just acquired my first white collar job in a while. My wardrobe is almost completely unprepared for this, and I really feel strongly about not buying sweatshop-made clothing.

I am normally a big thrift or vintage shopper, but as everyone who does this knows, it’s kind of luck-of-the-draw on whether you’ll find anything. I’m a mediocre seamstress, but not good enough to produce my own clothing en mass. Combing the internet for non-sweatshop goods, I find a lot of men’s bike clothes, a legion of organic hemp t-shirts, and a variety of beautiful things which are way too hippie to be my regular style, and not a lot I can wear to work.

If non-sweat shop clothing is also a priority for you, how do you make it work?

Vegan-friendly Infinity Shoes has flowered high-tops, rainbow zig-zagged kicks, and one extra-amazing pair of electric blue platform boots

Are you feeling stellar enough to dive into these Women’s Limerick Platform Shoes? That’s 5 inches of heel, 2 inches of platform, and in total 7 inches of complete and total INCREDIBLE, all from our sponsor Infinity Shoes.

Monday Moment: fashion and art collide in a hair salon

I love this moment set up in the entrance to Sirens Salon in Los Angeles (the place were I get my hairs did).

DIY rainbow bling for a Pride parade (or any ol’ day!)

One of the side-effects of being in a burlesque troupe is having buckets and buckets of rhinestones laying about. I had wanted to have this necklace finished in time to for the Pride Parade. As you can see in my inspiration picture above, the necklace that inspired this one is also rainbow-themed, but I wanted to take it in a more over-the-top rainbow direction. Here’s how you can over in a more over-the-top rainbow direction, too…

(With bonus applications like rainbow stagecoach robber, and rainbow garden gnome!)

Upgrading dude clothes: from hoodies to hellooooo, Mr. Dapper!

Ok, so a funny thing happened this summer: someone told my husband Andreas about Pinterest, and suddenly my sweatpant-uniformed yoga-teaching partner has become obsessed with men’s fashion.

Cleaning out the closet: looking at the concept of age appropriate clothing

I resist using this turn of phrase that every woman cringes to hear… “age-appropriate clothing” … but women used to do this thing called “Aging Gracefully,” and I think we need to bring that back.

When Offbeat Mama met Pushba

For those of you following Offbeat Mama on Facebook or Twitter, you probably saw my excited notes about how I was going to New York to meet my longtime internet obsession, Pushba. When she told me in early September that she’d be heading to New York, I gathered up my frequent flyer miles and flew out…