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Doctor Who

How I created Christmas, Whovian-style

What do you do if you’ve got a ton of Doctor Who knickknacks, a bare Christmas tree, and a cat named Pandora? You create the ultimate Doctor Who cat toy! Here’s how I created Christmas, Whovian-style…

Give the gift of nerdy custom fashion with this nerdy screenprinting tutorial

My fiancé and would like to honor our friends with some gifts. They are all somewhat nerdy about one thing or another. So we’ve decided to DIY screenprint a symbol for each person that refers to their specific nerdy thing: Next Gen, Original Series, Doctor Who, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and Star Wars. Here’s the DIY screenprinting tutorial…

MASTICATE this Dalek cake!

Imagine how excited I was to see this amazing, homemade Dalek cake pop up in our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Go ahead… imagine… NOPE! Wrong, I was even more excited than you just imagined. So I asked Offbeat Homie Gem to exterminate elaborate on how she created this bad boy.

Ever wonder what a TARDIS tastes like?

Apparently it can now taste like whatever you want it to with Think Geek’s TARDIS gelatin mold set! Obviously blue Jello is the way to go if you’re making a TARDIS gelatin mold. But did you know this baby can also make a tiny TARDIS cake!? Look at the delicious cuteness…

A downtown Seattle family photo session featuring a Dalek, umbrellas, and dancing

I first spied a few of the photos from this fun family session in our Flickr pool a week or so ago, and after seeing a few more I knew it needed to be shared. This family is basically the epitome of SO MUCH FUN — I love that their session took place at EMP in Seattle! This is the stuff of pop culture geekery dreams.

The 25 most adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con

EEEEP! I am loving this round-up of 25 adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con — it’s the perfect antidote for those of us nursing our “I can’t go to Comic-Con” blues. How can you feel sad when such a cute version of Iron Man exists?! Here are a few more of my faves!

3 reasons why LeakyCon might be the king of all geek cons and considerations for the future

I mentioned LeakyCon a few weeks ago in a round-up of summer cons that would be great to take your teen to — and boy, was it ever. This was my first year experiencing the pure, unadulterated geek fest that is LeakyCon, and it didn’t disappoint. What began four years ago as a small meet-up of Harry Potter fans has blossomed into a series of days that are truly special. I started reading Harry Potter 14 years ago, and there was nothing like this back in the day. No way to easily connect with people over the internet (there was no Tumblr! Twitter! Not even Facebook!), no way of being able to share the serious feels I had about the series with others unless they were a) my friends and b) actually interested in the books. Basically, I spent a lot of time talking with my then nine-year-old brother about Harry Potter, because no one else I knew really cared.

adopt a soldier

My 5 ideas for non-baby themed nurseries

My husband and I are only just beginning to talk about having a baby, but like the overeager person I am I’ve already been looking at different baby room inspiration online. Over the past few weeks I have looked at all the available store themes and come to one conclusion: they are not us. Baby animals, over-powering geometric patterns, PINK…. just because it’s for a baby’s room doesn’t mean it has to be infantile!