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No place to hide at this horror geek maternity shoot guest starring Jason Voorhees

No place to hide at this horror geek maternity shoot guest starring Jason Voorhees

Jayme and David are the nerdiest of nerd parents and are welcoming their new baby with a bang. Their maternity session guest starred Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. We’re a little late for our last Friday the 13th, but who would ever say no to a repeat event?!

This is a killer horror geek maternity shoot…

A nerd-cation pilgrimage to the homeland of Harry Potter and Doctor Who

We made a nerd-cation pilgrimage to the United Kingdom to visit the homeland of two of our favorite stories: Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

We cast a wide net at first, noting every possible location we could visit within a reasonable budget. Eventually we narrowed our travels to three cities: London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff, as those cities had the biggest draws for our nerdy hearts while still being accessible by public transit.

Geeky slippers for everyone as seen on @offbeatbride #geeky #slippers

Get your foot snuggles on with these nerdy, light-up, and heated slippers

For cold, dreary nights, you need a solid pair o’ slips. And when you can look chic geeky as hell at the same time, even better. Here are 30 of favorite geeky, light-up, and heated slippers to warm your tootsies in classy-ass style. Keep an eye out for 8-bit Nintendo, Star Wars, Doctor Who, dinosaurs, emojis, and Hobbit feet.

How Doctor Who inspired me to let go of the past

It might sound odd, that The Doctor — a character from a TV show, who travels freely in space and time — has inspired me to let go of the past. But hear me out…

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, DIY-ey TARDIS lanterns

From the genius who brought you Weeping Angel Barbies, comes her DIY TARDIS lanterns…

Wear your insider nerdisms on the outside with these subtley geeky designs from Jordandené

Pennsylvania-bred and Brooklyn-based, Jordan makes clothing (for adults and kids) with geek-chic graphic designs. I’m cray-cray for these screen printed shirts and undies that, as Jordan puts it, “feature beautiful, hand-lettered quotes and insider nerdisms for those with discerning taste.” Check out these tops and undies that feature quotes from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Carl Sagan…

The coolest Whovian bathroom decor in all of time and space

The return of Doctor Who (this past weekend) is basically a holiday ’round these parts. Last time when I celebrated the season premier of Doctor Who, I rounded up all my favorite Whovian home goods. This time, in true Megan style, I’mma do a Doctor Who bathroom roundup!

How to turn Barbies into Doctor Who Weeping Angels

I don’t like Barbies and I pre-apologize to those who do, but I took an inordinate amount of pleasure in hacking up, hot gluing, and morphing Barbies into something that causes horror: the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who! Here’s how you can hack your Barbies into Weeping Angels…