Ever wonder what a TARDIS tastes like?

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Apparently it can now taste like whatever you want it to with Think Geek’s TARDIS gelatin mold set! Obviously blue Jello is the way to go if you’re making a TARDIS gelatin mold. But did you know this baby can also make a tiny TARDIS cake!? Look at the delicious cuteness:


How perfect would TARDIS mold desserts be for your Doctor Who-themed party?

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  1. Not to mention soap, giant crayon, chocolate, bath bomb… love silicone molds for that reason! So many options of things you can use it for! (Why yes, I do want one of these desperately, to add to my collection.)

  2. I’ve discovered that silicone molds are great for melt-and-pour glycerin soap too. This one looks about the right size to make some neat TARDIS soaps, and you can color them blue with soap coloring. (I don’t know if you can use it for food again if you’ve been using it for soap-making, so it’s probably best to get two if you go that route.)

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