Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.46.46 PMImagine how excited I was to see this amazing, homemade Dalek cake pop up in our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Go ahead… imagine… NOPE! Wrong, I was even more excited than you just imagined.

So I asked Offbeat Homie Gem to exterminate elaborate on how she created this bad boy.

My wee laddie requested a Dalek cake for his birthday and, having made him a green tentacled alien and a chocolate triceratops (both 3D) for previous birthdays, I knew he was expecting something good.

I was totally stuck until I remembered the can of edible gold lustre spray in my cupboard and had my “Maltesers sprayed gold!” moment of inspiration. The rest kinda fell into place after that.

It’s made of chocolate madeira cake, which is fantastic for 3D shapes as it’s got a pretty strong structure that’s excellent for carving, but still tasty, moist, and not at all heavy to eat. Inside there’s layers of sheet cake stacked up and topped with a small cake baked in a pudding basin, all glued together with raspberry jam (it gives a little fruity tang to cut through all that chocolatey-ness) then roughly carved into shape.

[related-post align=”right”] I wanted to use as little fondant as possible (foul stuff!) so the body of the Dalek has a pretty thick layer of chocolate butter cream which acts as an excellent filler, smoother and stabilizer for the rather dodgy cake carving going on underneath. I think cakes should always taste as good, if not better than they look so try to keep fondant and food colouring to a minimum.

I was extremely chuffed with the results and most importantly the small boy and his birthday guests were totally blow away!

Bonus photo:

There's a Dalek in my fridge…

This is what a Dalek in a refrigerator looks like.

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  1. I want to make all manner of terrible jokes. Can I have this cake and exterminate it, too? 😀

    Edited to add: I am so lost for words over the punwothiness of this I actually forgot to say:


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