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EEEEP! I am loving this round-up of 25 adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con — it’s the perfect antidote for those of us nursing our “I can’t go to Comic-Con” blues. How can you feel sad when such a cute version of Iron Man exists?! Here are a few more of my faves:

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Comments on The 25 most adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con

  1. I just realized that next year I will have an almost 1 year old to dress up for Comic Con!!!!!!

    (I had planned this year to go as Pema from Legend of Korra, but as it got closer I realized I was not going to be able to waddle around and still feel great ha!)

    Though if I was having my boy, I know the exact cosplay I would make him do (only if he could speak some words), but a little girl.. oh man… good thing I’ve got a year to plan!

  2. The TARDIS baby is my daughter. She’ll be one this week! She had a great time, loved all the attention she got! She was also a Dalek and Jayne Cobb girl for Comic Con. Can’t wait for next year!

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