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Doctor Who

Star Trek and Star Wars sent up in stained glass

Homies, meet AidanT, stained glasser of your nerdy fantasies. He makes not JUST Trekkie windows, but also beautiful homages to other beloved sci-fi properties. Wait until you see a very special Doctor Who allusion…

Home palettes based on nerdy fandoms: Would you choose carpet that matches Worf’s hair?

I do love Adventure Time, Cartoon Network’s bizarro young adult show about a boy adventurer in the Land of Ooo. When I found Dan Toth’s episodic color palettes, I was inspired! Taking colors from TV shows to apply to — what, rooms? Spray paint craft projects? Reupholstery? GENIUS! I used Colour Lovers to do the same with a few other nerdy loves: Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

Display your sparkly burlesque pasties proudly

YES. Displaying burlesque pasties DOES seem like a great idea! Thanks Chae for sharing this photo in our Offbeat Home Flickr pool! Chae explained…