Wear your insider nerdisms on the outside with these subtley geeky designs from Jordandené

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geeky unisex tanks

Okay, y’all know by now that I’m a big geek, right? And while I like to wear my geekiness on my sleeve, I like my geekwear to be subtle. Yes, I could wear a big ol’ t-shirt that says DOCTOR WHO IS COOL! But I’d much prefer a less-obvious “don’t blink” tank top.

That’s where our new sponsor Jordandené comes in handy. Pennsylvania-bred and Brooklyn-based, Jordan makes clothing (for adults and kids) with geek-chic graphic designs. I’m clearing space in my closet for these screen printed shirts and undies that, as Jordan puts it, “feature beautiful, hand-lettered quotes and insider nerdisms for those with discerning taste.”

Check out these tops and undies that feature quotes from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Carl Sagan…

Doctor Who Stories Tank
Doctor Who “we are all stories” unisex tank.

Game of Thrones underwear
Game of Thrones underwear

Supercalifragilistic Kids Tee
Supercalifragilistic Kids Tee

Carl Sagan quote unisex tank
Carl Sagan quote unisex tank

Get a 20% discount on all items at jordandene.com and the Etsy shop. Just enter code OFFBEAT20 at checkout.

From Sherlock, to Harry Potter, and even Frozen — Jordandené‘s got all the subtle nerdy clothes you’re craving. Now, which one of these geek chic items are you gonna wear?

Comments on Wear your insider nerdisms on the outside with these subtley geeky designs from Jordandené

  1. Really great stuff. I like a lot of the quotes that they’ve chosen and would totally want to wear those.

    I wish that they sold t-shirts for adults in addition to those tank tops though. (The arm holes in tank tops are almost always too large or long for me because I’m petite.) Perhaps that is something they could think about adding to their product assortment?

  2. Diggin’ the “Mischief Managed” Undies, hehe. Y’know. For after.

    (Though having “Always” on your unders is kinda funny given the brand name… good way to subtly announce what week it is ;-P)

  3. Omg, I can’t be the only adult who is stupid excited to find days of the week undies, can I? I’m bookmarking the fuck out of this for Giftmas shopping! (And post-overtime treat yo self shopping!)

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