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I’m obsessed with my freshly organized bathroom

I experience a lack of motivation like any normal person. I can ignore a mess for weeks, even months on end. For example: It took me nine months to unpack every box when we moved into our apartment. We referred to the living room as the "Room of Requirement" for almost a year. But when I'm truly honest with myself, I know that I'm happiest and live my best days when I'm in a clean and organized environment. So if you're like me and need a little step in the right direction? Let me help! Starting with… THE BATHROOM.

Fancy up your closet with mustache-shaped hangers

Hangers are so freaking boring, and they’re something I have to mess about with on the daily. Why not jazz up my closet space with a funky hangers? And mustaches make a great shape as your clothes won’t go slipping off these guys, what with the curled up ends!

Adorable log cabin cloffice space

Y’all probably know that I love me a good cloffice (closet-turned-office space). But I’m pleased as punch over my friend Eve’s cloffice in her log cabin on the island of Maui that looks fit for fairies!

Closet before and after with bonus rainbow hallway action!

Last winter, I re-organized my husband’s closet, and moved many of the storage systems I had in my closet over to his. Surely I could make do without them, right? Wrong. A year later, and my closet had reached epic fail mode. Time to make some changes. Here’s how I used a closet organizing tool, plus IKEA to re-organize my closet.

Who knew ladders could be repurposed for SO MANY THINGS!

I’ve seen ladders being used as shoe racks before, but I haven’t seen them hung horizontally on walls to be used as an easy closet hack, or many of these other brilliant ideas.

Easy closet-to-office makeover for small spaces

We’ve featured the concept of a closet office (cloffice!) before. Here’s another cute and simple example from a 533-square-foot condo.

I kicked my closet-kitchen up a notch with a black wall

I painted my kitchen nook the other day! My mini-kitchen-in-a-nook started out looking…a little dull.

So to brighten up my kitchen and make it pop as its on space in my apartment, I painted it black. Black: new hot color for kitchens?

Store LOADS of tights neatly

I love colored tights, but rarely wear them as they’re sort of stuffed in with my underwear and difficult to keep straight. Enter What I Wore’s great idea on storing tights using normal hangers.