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Our family closet: we wash, dry, and store our clothes in one room

Family closets are usually used by large families but you don’t have to have five or more kids to benefit from a family closet. Heck, you don’t even need to have a kid to enjoy the ease of keeping all the clean laundry in one place.

Cleaning out the closet: looking at the concept of age appropriate clothing

I resist using this turn of phrase that every woman cringes to hear… “age-appropriate clothing” … but women used to do this thing called “Aging Gracefully,” and I think we need to bring that back.

Going into the closet: to, you know, work there

“Cloffice” kind of sounds like… I dunno, maybe an equine venereal disease. But sound it out with me and you’ll see we’re actually talking about offices built in closets. It’s genius, right?

An ode to my closet: Doe Deere gives us a poetic tour of her dollhouse-inspired makeover

Doe had a sad, blah closet — until her neighbor put out a dollhouse for the trash man. Now? Feast your eyes on her spectacular pink and blue dressing room.

Sara’s heavenly laundry room makeover


I hear it. I know you read the title and you’re yelling at me through the computer right now.

But Sara sent her laundry room to me last week — and a couple other totally impressive renovations — I have to go with the lowly laundry room. She rocked it!

Cleaning up cords and chargers: declutter your tangled nerdy secrets

Combine one over-the-door shoe organizer, 24 binder clips, and a digital camera for a super easy, elegant organization solution.

How to use a shoe organizer to tame a box of unruly cords

We have this basket that’s become the wire/electronics/camera bin. It lives on a shelf (seen lurking in the background of this shot) and Tavi has recently discovered it. Time to clean it up!