Easy closet-to-office makeover for small spaces

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Photo courtesy of Redfin.com

We’ve featured the concept of a closet office (cloffice!) before. Here’s another cute and simple example from a Seattle real estate listing for a 533-square-foot, one bed/one bath condo.

Looks like all it took was a custom cut piece of wood, some pot lights ,and a cute basket shelving unit and you’ve got a simple, tucked away, office space.

Here’s how it looks in the room:

As long as you don’t mind losing that closet space, this works out really well in small living spaces.

Do you have a cloffice, or a similarly creative office space hack? How do you squeeze YOUR home office into your house?

Comments on Easy closet-to-office makeover for small spaces

  1. I currently fit my home office in by not really having one. I’m in a tiny studio, and to have the couch and “living room” space I wanted for entertaining, I had to do without a desk. I rarely used the one I had before anyway, so it didn’t seem like a huge loss. I have a small bookshelf in the corner near my front door. It houses documents (in hanging file boxes), electronics and such on the actual shelves, and the top has my office supplies (pens in a cup, post-its, paperclips, etc.) sitting out like they would if it were an actual desk. I usually work at my coffee table. I’m moving in two months to a slightly bigger place, and I’ve been considering getting another shelf to turn into a standing desk since I saw it here a while back.

    • We have a tenant in one of our smaller houses my husband and I manage use some great ideas off Pinterest, hiding things in foot stools, made a desk that props up on the wall, storage hidden inside the back of her couch (like mittens for winter), her dining room chairs are enclosed on the bottom to store stuff, she even extended the closet into her bedroom by using curtains to hide the clothes hanging (you don’t notice until you look behind and it looks nice).

  2. I completed my whole grad degree in our closet/office… In our previous apartment it worked so well that we planned to repeat it when we moved. Some things that make it work for us is having good lighting in the closet (add a desk lamp!) and a chair that pushes all the way under the desk- currently using one of our extra dining chairs. Our current closet office is actually a closet sewig room/ craft storage/ linen storage and printer station. Having wireless printing really is great, opens up possibilities for where the printer can live. In addition to a small desk we have a huge old chest of drawers in the closet where we can spread out papers, fabric, or parents can stash an open suitcase out of reach of toddler hands when visiting.

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