Fancy up your closet with mustache-shaped hangers

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Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.16.58 PMI will say this: I’ve never really been a on-board with the mustache thing — facial hair has never got my lady-boner to rise. But these mustache hangers are turning me on in all kinds of ways!

Hangers are so freaking boring, and they’re something I have to mess about with on the daily. Why not jazz up my closet space with funky hangers? And mustaches make a great shape as your clothes won’t go slipping off these guys, what with the curled up ends!

You can get a set of these hangers for $14 over on Amazon.

Comments on Fancy up your closet with mustache-shaped hangers

  1. These would be great for things with thin little straps, or to hang and separate belts, scarves, etc. But I’m not so sure I would use it to hang a sweater as shown in the picture. Those pointy handlebars might poke holes in the shoulders.

  2. I’m always so jealous of these display closets, containing 2 little bits of clothes hanging up. They never quite seem to line up to the reality of “Clothes bursting out of the closet because their crammed in so tight.” though.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I wish my closet could look more like this. Maybe not quite as empty, but not as much of a clothes explosion.

      These would be adorable for hanging things on the wall. Just put a large thumbtack up and hang belts or scarves from them.

      I think they would go to waste in my closet. You wouldn’t even know they were mustaches.

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