I love colored tights, but rarely wear them as they’re sort of stuffed in with my underwear and difficult to keep straight. Enter a new Baskets! realization from What I Wore on storing tights using normal hangers.

Photo courtesy What I Wore.

How great. This makes me think I can drastically increase the tights in my collection. I’ll always know what’s clean and ready to go!

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  1. Whenever I hear of simple solutions to problems I didn’t even know I had – I think “Duh…but, wait. Why didn’t I ever think of that?”


  2. genius!

    that would also work fantastic for fabric scarves, which i currently have all stuffed in a drawer that i am afraid to open because i just know they will all jump out and attack.

  3. Uh… BASKETS! Such a great idea, love it (particularly the theming each hanger by colour thing, though perhaps this is one step too far for sanity?).

  4. I love this idea too, except I can never figure out when to actually wear tights. It’s too hot in the summer, but it’s too cold in the winter to wear skirts. So no one ever sees the tights. If only Minnesota had more than two seasons… ha!

    • I live in Mn, and leggings/tights are good during both seasons. With a sweater and some thick leggings or tights, and some big fuzzy socks, it is winter appropriate to wear a dress or skirt. In the summer, it’s nice to wear leggings so my thighs don’t stick together.

    • I think you’d be surprised how warm tights can actually be even in the dead of winter. Their snugness to the body actually makes them a fantastic insulator. Tights are thickier than plain pantyhose and I would argue better and more comfortable than long johns. When I used to work at an outdoor ice skating rink in my teens I would wear a pair of tights or two under my leggings. Perfectly warm, able to move comfortable with no bulkiness. Of course, I also figured out a way to wear a different pair of tights on each leg so I could have harleyquined two-tones. 🙂

      • Funny, I was actually looking into the warmest pair of rights on the market for an upcoming reenactment in the snow! I’m a cheap bastard but I’ve learned plunking down $15 or $20 for tights is totally worth it. Target tights are for the birds. I’ve worn various Macy’s tights every day this winter and they are snag and bag free. I’m bummed that summer is rolling around.

      • I love to wear tights under my jeans or dress pants. It’s so much nicer to have that extra layer against the skin! When I was a girl, I would wear thick tights under jeans, UNDER a skirt to school, once I got to school, I would take the jeans off.

    • I also live in MN and have discovered that while I might not like tights/leggings with skirts in the deepest days of winter, they’re fine on milder winter days (and in the fall and spring). The trick is to pair them with some cute boots underneath which you can wear warm socks.

  5. I have 2 basket-fulls of tights! I wear skirts and dresses everyday and live in Ireland so tights are a complete necessity. Why did I not think of this?! This has made my day. Next free time I have will be spent organizing tights. It’s weird how excited that makes me lol

  6. I’ve been doing this with my scarfs and headscarves for years… Never knew it was an issue elsewhere! Lol. Not enough cupboard space to do this with my tights sadly but the little round thongs at the top of the hangers are great for scarfs too ;o)

  7. this is how I dry my tights after washing them, once dry, I secure them onto the hanger a little better (kind of like in the pic) and put them at one end of my closet.

    I also use tie/belt hangers to organize the plethora of camisoles/tank tops I have – just hang by straps!!

  8. Lemme just pass this right along to every roller derby girl I’ve ever met…
    Seriously though, it is amazing the number of tights you gather doing derby. The practical reasons are that rink rash (skin scraping agains the track) SUCKS and knee pads are gross when right up against the skin. The awesome reason is how cool they look. I actually have three different classifications for tights: good tights, which are still too new or nice to wear while skating, bout tights, which are cool enough to wear in front of people, and practice tights which exist solely to cover my ass.

  9. Oh my goodness, why didn’t I think of this? Right- tomorrow the tights get organised! No more untangling a twisted ball of tights at 6am for me!

  10. This would work even better on the tiered pants hangers that have 4 bars for one hook!
    For me, I roll them up semi neatly, put a rubber band around them, and keep them in a basket. (I do the same for my husbands socks since he doesn’t like balling them up together)

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