Who knew ladders could be repurposed for SO MANY THINGS!

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I’ve seen ladders being used as shoe racks before, but I haven’t seen them hung horizontally on walls to be used as an easy closet hack. Brilliant.

You know what else is brilliant? Scraphacker‘s post about 12 different ways to repurpose your wooden ladder. They have everything from funky ladder bookshelves to hanging ladder lighting! Go look and learn.

Comments on Who knew ladders could be repurposed for SO MANY THINGS!

  1. Love this! I have the wooden ladder my uncle and dad built to go with my homemade platform bed when I was 8. Once the bed was gone I laid it sideways and used it as a vanity/put a mirror on it, it’s been hung up as a closet hack (see above), and it’s currently in my living room housing my collection of mini-books, family wedding pictures (parents and grandparents included), and my collection of family bibles. It gets complimented all the time, but I’ve never seen one in other houses before! They’re perfect decor–easy to move, paint, and so versatile!

  2. So many of those ideas are awesome! I especially love all the shelving ideas, and I’m now eyeing my no longer functional but still cooly distressed step ladder to decide if it might make a good pot rack.

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