Closet Kitchen.

Noodz painted her kitchen nook the other day. Her mini-kitchen-in-a-nook started out looking like this, before she set it off with a black wall.

Black kitchen nook!

Blue surprise.

And hidden in the nook is this little blue surprise.

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Comments on I kicked my closet-kitchen up a notch with a black wall

  1. Is it wrong that I am totally in love with this style of kitchen? I’d probably get a mobile island that I could push out of the way a bit when not in use, but otherwise, this is awesome.

  2. This is cool! The person who built our house had the crazy idea to put a bedroom-style closet in the freaking living room, and I’m trying to decide how to attack it. I like your approach here.

    • Growing up, we had a bedroom style closet in our living room too! My parents took the doors off and painted the inside walls the same as the other walls in the living room and used it to house the TV and movies. Depending on where yours is, this could be an option.

  3. Loving this! And super sad that I can’t pin it. How will I ever remember to do this in my own kitchen some day! (I am obviously way too reliant on the internet)

    • You can save the page, book mark the page, or do a screen capture of the photos and save in an idea folder.

  4. A kitchen nook! It really does look good with the black wall. I liked it before too, but change is good.

  5. Surprisingly awesome! I was just thinking about how cool it would be to have a sliding door so when the kitchen was a mess you would just close the slider… 😉

  6. Love it! Reminds me of my previous and very similar kitchen… mine was even smaller, if you can believe it! I painted mine a deep eggplant for a similar effect. Small spaces live for bold color choices!

  7. I flicked back and forth between the pictures but like both equally. Nice to have a change though I bet.

  8. Wow! I was doubtful until I saw the “after” photo – it really looks fantastic with the black paint! The black makes everything else really pop.

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