Got a tiny space? This little AirBNB room on a New Jersey riverboat has the right idea: A pulley-based system for holding and releasing a wire basket hanging over the bed. It really improves the storage area in the room, since there’s no room for a side table in this suite.

You can pull it down, use what you need out of it, then send it back to the ceiling when finished! Ultimate small-bedroom space saver, eh?

If you want to see how this thing works in person, you can book the room through AirBNB for $99 a night.

Comments on Hang a pull-down wire basket for extra storage in a small bedroom

  1. I’ve never seen it in a bedroom but I’ve seen systems like this in kitchens.

    My mum installed a rack on a pulley system after seeing a similar one in a holiday house in Cornwall (there is a name for them but I don’t remember it). She hangs baskets from it to hold onions, garlic and other stuff that doesn’t need refrigerating.

    I think putting one in a bedroom would be an awesome way to store odds and ends like hair brushers or nail varnish.

    Only thing is I’d have to make sure it was low enough that I could put things in without lowering it. Otherwise I’d probably still just leave things lying everywhere!

  2. I’ve seen similar baskets in a miners’ dressing room at the defunct zinc mine near my mom’s home in NJ. The locker room where miners got dressed for their day has hundreds of baskets hanging from the ceiling. The miners would arrive in their regular street clothes, store them safely in a locker, then lower their basket and put on their mining togs, which would then get filthy during the day. After their shift, they would return their mining clothes to the baskets, shower up and put their street clothes back on for the trip home. At the end of the week they’d bring the dirty work clothes home to wash. Keeping their work duds in baskets slung from the ceiling kept the inside of their lockers from getting gross and muddy.

  3. living in earthquake prone Seattle I wouldn’t want to sleep under something that could dump its contents so easily if shaken. If all you put in is your glasses and a paperback, then maybe, but nothing more.

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