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A great lesson in DIY, eco-friendly, backyard art studios

If you’ve ever thought about building an art studio in your backyard, you can really learn a thing or two from Chris and Jean’s hand-made art studio. But tell me, is this making you realize YOU could build your own art retreat in your backyard?

Haunted horror-themed house in Seattle

This week’s home tour is a my special Halloween gift to y’all — a haunted house in a de-commissioned B&B in Seattle. It’s all decked out the way you’d hope a haunted house would be — antique child’s coffin coffee table, antique Halloween goods, metaphysical library, “haunted” ventriloquist dolls, and even snakes abound in this house.

I would SO pay $500 a night to stay at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

Once again, I have gone on virtual vacation via Airbnb and have come back with an amazing find. Last time it was an upside down boat-turned-retreat, this time it’s a stately manor in Nairobi with a resident herd of giraffes!

Upside down boat makes an amazing retreat

Sometimes I go virtually traveling the world, via Airbnb. This is part me getting future vacation ideas and part lusting after amazing properties around the world. And every now and then something like this upside down boat-turned vacation rental pops into my browser, and I think: I MUST SHOW MY HOMIES!

Italian treehouse with the peekaboo bathroom

Sometimes I take virtual vacations via Airbnb, and often find myself in some of the coolest spots imaginable. This time I journied to the heart of Tuscany to find a treehouse called The Black Cabin with the sexiest bathroom shower stall setup I’ve ever seen.

Tour a tiny loft with an elevated bed

My house feels too big! After three days in a minimalist loft in Seattle, I’m thinking it’s time to hoist the bed and use some of the ideas this small space sent home with me.

Hang a pull-down wire basket for extra storage in a small bedroom

Got a tiny space? This little AirBNB room on a New Jersey ferry has the right idea: A pulley-based system for holding and releasing a wire basket hanging over the bed. It really improves the storage area in the room, since there’s no room for a side table in this suite.

Dangers at home, Jayne Cobb, and moving supplies in this week’s reader photos

What up! On Mondays we start the week with a few photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and Pinterest, and send you off with interesting links: revamping Chuck Taylors, new zines to read, and more.