Indoor Herb GardenI’m fluctuating between giddy and jealous over this amazing hanging herb garden submitted to our Flickr pool by Homie Pennyhaslop. I’m giddy because I’m stoked to share it with you. But I’m jealous because I WANT ONE!

Of course I begged Pennyhaslop to tell us more. Here’s what she had to say:

We live in Australia, so the weather outside that window swings from -5 degrees to 45+ degrees (Celsius). We grow our herbs inside so that the temperature and humidity is regulated.

It’s brilliant AND beautiful. If you want to make one of these for yourself, head over to Ikea — they have everything you need.

Comments on Hang your herb garden in front of your window

  1. Man, I’d love to do this!

    One thing I’ve always wondered about indoor gardening, especially with draining pots–how do you water them without getting mud and water everywhere? Do you use a drip tray?

    • Hi Sarah! If you look closely, there it actually a pot inside a pot. The metal containers don’t have holes in the bottom and there are plastic pots that sit inside. You have to be a bit careful, but it the water leaks out you are probably overwatering anyway. They are still going strong 2 months later.

  2. This looks super cool, but I tried it and it didn’t work. Because the pots are hanging with an angle, when you water, the water will not be absorbed by the soil. Plus, the water comes out right away on your window sill. So, it looks cool, but I found it to be meh in practice.

    • You’re probably overwatering. Just put a little bit directly in the outer container every day and the plant will soak up what it needs.

    • Most house plants don’t need any more watering than a few spritzes from a spray bottle every few days. If you’re watering enough for it to drain out, it’s too much water anyway.

  3. Does this darken the room overmuch? Maybe I like a strange amount of light, but I’m always paranoid that if I put things in front of windows that the room will feel too close and dark – I really like the idea, but I was just curious about how it affects the lighting?

    • It doesn’t in this room, but we are lucky enough to have heaps of windows in the kitchen. The green also blends in with the green from the garden.

  4. I love this idea, especially how it looks. I also really like your hanging tea pots–I might actually steal that idea!

    Also curious, what does the print say? All I can read is, “I love you like a fa…”

  5. I would love to do this but I think the condo association would pass out from the hysteria. Putting this in my pocket for the next home!

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