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Always looking SHARP: cactus accessories for your home and your bod

Some things are just HOT right now: alpacas, festival gear, desert stuff… but one thing that makes me happy is the endurance of the cactus and succulent trend. Please stay forever, my prickly and green lovelies. Aloe you very much. You’re always looking sharp. I’m ready to stop being a cact-I and start being a cact-US. Many apologies for all those puns.

Let’s take a look at some of the most adorable cactus accessories for wearing and decoration no matter what season it is…

Please adopt one of these self-watering planters!

Stop everything and look at these Peropon Drinking Animal Planters! Seriously… do you like cute things? Do you like funny things? Do you like growing things? Then you will like these things!

7 tricks to save that dying houseplant in your living room

Are you a notorious plant killer? Have you ever bought a beautiful, exotic looking houseplant and displayed it proudly in your home only to realize two weeks later that the leaves are turning brown and it has completely wilted? Before you throw that dying houseplant into the compost pile there are some things you can do to try to save it.

Apartment balcony container garden: before and after

Last year, I tried planting some simple herbs for the first time; this year, I decided to get serious and do some real vegetable container gardening! To fuel my motivation, I even took a workshop on organic balcony gardening through one of our local CSAs, Fresh City Farms. But first, I needed to clean up the rust and ugly of our apartment balcony…

Rescue an orchid and jazz up your bathroom on a budget

Not so long ago, Megan asked about plants that do well in bathrooms. Well, may I introduce you to the “Orchid Rescue and Relief Society,” AKA: my bathroom. I started keeping these guys on the sink or in hanging pots, and they went BONKERS.

Fill an empty corner with this two-tiered corner planter and watch the gorgeousness grow

Derek Powazek of Plantgasm uploaded a few photos of his awesome two-tiered, corner planter to our Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool. This was what it looked like when he first made it.

Use an app to help keep your orchid alive

In the comments of How to hide the ugly: 5 cheap tricks for renters, Offbeat Homie PattiLain made a comment that just may change my thumb to green!

Use applesauce cups to start seedlings

Start seedlings in freshly-washed and lightly-bleached applesauce cups. Simply punch some holes in the bottom for drainage. They do not use much soil and can be reused.