Colorful-to-the-point-of-trippy housewares from French Bull

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After a Twitter exchange with Homie (and former Offbeat Bride) iLiveinmylab about whether or not I had seen the newest French Bull kitchen knife, I got to thinking… What OTHER amazing and brightly colored housewares does French Bull have to offer? The answer was stunning as it was downright colorful to the point of hurting my eyeballs.

You might want to break out your sunglasses before you look at this collection…

A set of four multi-colored, mis-matched bowls.

Salad servers never looked so ridiculously awesome.

Oh this? Yeah, this is just the coolest Lazy Susan on EARTH.

I call bullshit on these robot plates being marketed “for kids.” Same goes for all the rest of the kids designs.

I love these melamine storage containers. I might get me a set, I’m just not sure which pattern to choose!

iLiveinmylab highly recommends their Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats.

And guess what, Homies! French Bull also makes temporary wall paper!

Ooh, please click here to see ALL the temporary wall paper options. Those Homies with kids, or kids at heart, will get a BIG kick out of their children’s designs.

The rest of you, check out the French Bull store on Amazon and get ready to freak the fuck out. And you HAVE to share what products just scream your name. I love the thought of all the Homies adding a little shot of crazy color to our collective kitchens and homes.

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  1. I need that lazy susan. Give it. GIVE IT HERE. And the correct pattern choice for the melamine containers is OBVIOUSLY the tapestry pattern. The plaid comes in second.

    The blue monster set makes my heart sing. And I also probably need to purchase the melamine tray in the tapestry pattern.

  2. Are you fucking kidding me?! This is my favorite OBH post EVER. EVER. I love IT ALL SO MUCH. I want it all! Pick a favorite?! Impossible.

    • That’s totally how I felt writing up this post. TOO MANY AWESOME THINGS… and then my eyes started hurting.

      • I put everything I liked from the collection on my Amazon Wish List. It went from 2 items to 4 pages. Whoops…must have. Must get married and put on a registry!

  3. I both love and hate this. I hate this because I just spent three weeks designing my very own plates and bowls with sharpies on white china, and I love this because these designs are exactly the style I drew, but now I can get them in NON-BREAKABLE plastic (and without smudge marks!)

  4. Hi – A friend forwarded your blog post to me because of the French Bull mention – Your Blog’s perspective is very cool and wanted to thank you for thinking of us for your right on write up.

  5. Wheeee!!!! I got a shout out! Also I really want one of those floor mats! They save your back when your standing for long hours for prepping!!!

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