Turn your boring white rental kitchen into a colorful fiesta

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"Roll with it" and "be grateful" bwahahahahaha.
“Roll with it” and “be grateful” bwahahahahaha.

Offbeat Homie Kayla uploaded these photos to our Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool. Unhappy with a boring white rental kitchen, Kayla rounded up a whole bunch of colorful kitchen goodies, and turned her boring rental into an colorsplotion fiesta of kick-ass kitchen-ery.

Look at all her no-damage colorful kitchen additions…

rental kitchen makeover

colorful kitchen goods

open shelving for kitchen things

Finally, use open shelving to display all the rest of your colorful kitchen things, and BOOM! You’ve brightened up your rental kitchen without doing anything permanent.

Comments on Turn your boring white rental kitchen into a colorful fiesta

  1. Kayla!-we are destined to be best friends! I collect fiestaware (apparently 30 place settings aren’t excessive?!) and my kitchen looks like a rainbow threw up allover it. It is AWESOME! I love the little glimpse into your home. It looks super and colorful and fun! Enjoy! Where’d you get the “roll with it” and “be grateful” prints? So cute.

  2. I have the same vintage sugar/creamer set! Plus some mugs and plates, though some broke last time I moved so I’m always on the lookout for more. Such a pretty collection overall!

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