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Your walls and floors will never be the same once they meet these funky & fun wall stencils

Wallpaper is making a comeback big time, wall decals are hot, but my favorite way to make a surface my own is with stencils. You can use any paint color combinations you want, layer stencils on top of other stencils, and have total control over the placement of the imagery. Win! Have you investigated the sheer amount of wall stencils you can nab online? Use ’em on the walls, on the floor (for a faux tile look or in place of a carpet!), or on a big piece of wood or canvas as artwork.

Here are a few of my fave funky and chic wall stencils to try out on your big blank walls and floors…

This “wacky wallpaper house” in Minnesota will assault your eyes with patterns galore

Did you know there was a time when the fanciest way to decorate a room was to match your fabric to your wallpaper? This home for sale in Minnesota in the paradigm of that matching wallpaper and fabric movement…

How do we get ’70s beauty salon-style glittery walls?

My husband and I have been wanting to have glitter-covered walls in our bedroom forever. We’re talking ’70s beauty salon kind of glittery. Now that the time has come to do the deed we’re not sure what the best way is to go about it.

How can I hide my ugly-ass wallpaper?

I live in a small, cute, mobile home in the country. The main problem concerning my home is the horrible interior walls. The trim screams “these walls are stapled together” and the wallpaper is bold in a way I can’t appreciate for the next numerous years. What can I do to cover press board paisleys and fix the tacky trim?

Colorful-to-the-point-of-trippy housewares from French Bull

After a Twitter exchange with Homie iLiveinmylab about whether or not I had seen the newest French Bull kitchen knife, I got to thinking… What OTHER amazing and brightly colored housewares does French Bull have to offer? The answer was stunning as it was downright colorful to the point of hurting my eyeballs.

A fully-pimped Star Wars room in a penthouse

Curbed ran a little highlight of an almost-$6-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan with three bedrooms — one of which is a fully pimped ode to Star Wars. This thing comes complete with full wall-and-ceiling starscapes, a large model of the Millenium Falcon, and shockingly-cute accessories that make the whole place look chic, not at all weird.

Wallpaper innovation: paint under it, tear it off, make it your own

Design firm ZNAK made me think about wallpaper in a whole new way. Never thought I’d say that; it kind of seems like wallpaper has gone through all possible iterations. At least until, you know, it starts changing in response to our moods or the weather or the size of our bank accounts or something.

So what’d they do?

Feast your eyes: vintage wallpaper inspiration in the kitchen

A collection of vintage wallpapers: some are loud and overpowering, others are just the right amount of zing. In pinks, reds, yellows, and one really powerful red, black, and white pattern.