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A simple, easy-to-make, portable board game

My husband and I both love playing games, especially board games. We have a games bookcase that’s full of our favorites, but the one we play the most is Go. One of the reasons why we love Go so much is because we made our own game set. We wanted to be able to toss the set in our pockets or my purse and go to coffee shops or the park to play. It was one of the easiest projects we’ve ever done, and also one of the most useful. Here’s how we did it.

Colorful-to-the-point-of-trippy housewares from French Bull

After a Twitter exchange with Homie iLiveinmylab about whether or not I had seen the newest French Bull kitchen knife, I got to thinking… What OTHER amazing and brightly colored housewares does French Bull have to offer? The answer was stunning as it was downright colorful to the point of hurting my eyeballs.

Paint your own polka dot rug

Rugs can transform a mediocre space into something more special but it’s not always easy to find one you love on a tight budget. While nothing can compare to that rug you’ve been saving up for, this DIY is a great option for areas that need a little pick me up such as a studio, a guest room, or your front porch.

A rainbow dinette, one red-and-blue-and-yellow house in Illinois, and a home built into Arizona boulders in this week’s reader photos

It’s our weekly roundup of reader photos and interesting Offbeat Home-ish links from around the web. This week we’ve got the lowdown on air conditioned doghouses, an upcoming steampunk fest in Massachusetts, and era-appropriate Disney princess cosplay. Click on through!

How to paint a polka dot washer and dryer that will hold up over time

The laundry room has been a sticking point as we put together out house. It was such a cramped, cluttered nightmare that no one would want to see. U to the G-L-Y. BUT NOW, thanks to a polka dot stencil and some turquoise paint, my much-prettier washer and dryer are leading the way in laundry beautification.

15 houses of very, very different color

I sorted and sorted through Flickr and found all these houses — SO MANY HOUSES — of a different color. And, surprisingly, so many really mean comments. I had to give these houses their time in the sun.

The adventures of Marla and Taco: Building a road-ready travel trailer cute as a button

Almost a year after its conception, I birthed my half-baked-idea baby: May 2011 was the the maiden voyage of my trusty camper Taco. My tools, a few belongings, my Zulu short spear, and my cat Sophie are with me on an odyssey through as much of the country as we can stand.