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Monday Moment: 1 weird couch, 1 bright wall, and 11 pillows

Moments can be awesome, even if they’re casually arranged! This one from frequent Home Flickr Pool contributor, Mareike Scharmer looks scattered, but it sure as hell looks awesome. One chair + 11 pillows + a crazy-ass accent wall = I LOVE THIS SHIT!

Colorful-to-the-point-of-trippy housewares from French Bull

After a Twitter exchange with Homie iLiveinmylab about whether or not I had seen the newest French Bull kitchen knife, I got to thinking… What OTHER amazing and brightly colored housewares does French Bull have to offer? The answer was stunning as it was downright colorful to the point of hurting my eyeballs.

3 pieces of patio decor for a trippy forest party

I’m poking around outdoor goodies these days — things to light up decks and patios on summer evenings, outdoor foodwear, and games — and I found a few really cute things I wanted to share with you.

A boho-psychedelic outdoor lounge in upstate New York that looks ready for smoky all-night bull sessions

I don’t usually think “’60s mod” when I think “outdoor patio,” but Eve mashed up those two ideas to create a fashionable outdoor living room — complete with a daybed in all-bright colors.

How to create vinyl wall graphics with a twist of psychedelia

Wall graphics are super popular, but the selection of designs can be limited or expensive. That said, they’re easy to make. Ready to see how?