Can these science-themed clothes for girls change the world? (Hint: they already are)

Svaha started as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)-themed clothes for kids. But after they launched, they started getting flooded with requests from women in science and tech who also wanted the clothes for themselves. (Good to know I'm not alone!) The Svaha clothing line is aimed at shattering gender stereotypes. They want to teach kids and the adults that love them that it’s okay to like anything they want.

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Our gender neutral tie-dye baby shower and 3 tie-dye styles to try

We decided to completely frustrate our friends and families: we decided to wait until our baby is born to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Several people have had a hard time with this, but as a not very "girly girl" and a boy whose favorite color was pink growing up, we just weren't that pressed to find out. Not to mention, we were really looking forward to the surprise. To have a fun baby shower with our friends we decided what could be more fun and gender neutral than tie-dye!


Dyeing baby clothes (not so successfully)

I'm pregnant, and recently discovered that looking for offbeat baby clothes isn't exactly an inexpensive hobby. Since I've been DIYing up a storm lately (did you see this recovered baby jumper?), I decided to try my hand at dying clothing! I contemplated using machine dye, but was worried it might stain our new washing machine… so I went with warm water hand dye. All of the items I dyed came from a consignment sale, so were cheap but not exactly to my style taste.

V is for Vader: geeky and nerdy baby fashion from ThinkGeek

CALLING ALL BREEDERS OF BABY NERDS: it's about to get reeeeal cute and real nerdy in here! When I happily found ThinkGeek's V is For Vader onesie ($19.99) I immediately started making a list of everyone I knew who a) has a newborn and b) loves Star Wars. Fortunately for ThinkGeek, that list is long and mighty! And fortunately for you, the nerdy baby offerings don't stop there.

Nerdy for all things crochet? Here's a tutorial so you can make your own zip-up baby hoodie

As I sit and crochet the things I literally dream of the baby wearing once s/he is here, I have started to write down the patterns I create — and this one for a hoodie is pretty damn good if I say so myself. Like most inventions (even though this item itself is nothing new) this pattern was created of necessity; I couldn't find a good baby hoodie pattern to save my life almost a year ago. Now I have created a great blocked pattern that can be made into any size and I want to share it with anyone who will use it.