Get excited about building greenhouses, art that swears, and a trip to Spain

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Another big week of Offbeat Home posts! We’ll kick it off with another big group of Flickr group photos. You ready?

Veggie beds and greenhouse mid-construction

Loudshannon’s showing off a mess of vegetables and a greenhouse “under construction”. I don’t know what the end goal looks like, but this looks like a pretty rad greenhouse already.


Love the green and yellow together, and the awesomely-retro design of these bathroom tips in verticalhouse’s john.


And drmflt’s got cheeky art, too. A silkscreen on fabric, yeah?


Everything, everything, everything about mariegael’s studio makes me want to grab a book from the fireplace and curl up with Schrödinger on the bed. The Murphy bed.

Kitchen into living rooom

So are the Homies a bunch of cat people or what? We have, like, a 3-to-1 cat-to-dog ratio around here. drmflt’s cat looks completely natural in this setting — this is an apartment MADE for a cat to live in.

dining room table

Orbital199 says this dining room painting is unfinished, but it looks spectacular from here. I’m starting to be really impressed by all the art y’all are flaunting.

1. Lounge 5

And finally, this week everybody is going to Spaaaaaaaaain!!!! Gaze out that balcony window and prepare yourself; it gets way better than this.

Let’s see the Clicky Links!

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  1. That’s my Greenhouse! Yippie! We’ll get a photo up of the finished product soon. The greenhouse is actually half of our shed that for some reason was built in two sections with two doors! We tore the siding off and framed in upcycled windows! For the door we finished off with a vintage Victorian screen door.

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