Maternity photos featuring knee-high boots and day-glo glam

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What do you call a 32-week pregnant woman who sports a pink streak in her hair, wears knee-high black boots, and hangs out by walls covered in neon graffiti? I call her a BADASS. When these photos of Katie (taken by Evol Photography) landed in the Flickr pool, I giggled madly with glee — this is a little bit of heaven right here.


Can this photo get a hell yes? YES, it can.
Graffiti Walls are fun!

So much in this is FABULOUS. Bright blue hair accent, neon tank and tube tops, cut off jeans…? *dying*

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better… it does.

You guys, that is BATMAN ON HER ARM. I would like to be Katie’s new BFF, please.

I love this. She’s contemplative, peaceful, pregnant, and fucking cool.

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  1. i wish i were that awesome… even if i did exactly what she did, I wouldn’t look as good. props

  2. I must know where the pink and green top is from!!! Any thing similar would be sweet too! Suggestions?

  3. This is definitely my favorite maternity shoot, yet. This is who I WANT to be as a pregnant chick.

  4. SOOO Hot, I wanna be her baby daddy.
    Seriously though, this is gorgeous. One day I want to rock the pregnant look that hard.

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