Interesting ways to display a pencil collection, organize snacks, and show off cowboy boots

Updated Oct 12 2015

On Mondays, we like to ease into the week with photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr group. Some of them are decor porn and others are just interesting things y'all are up to at home. I hope it makes your Monday a little nicer!

The Bread Burner
Chris' toaster art piece is now a lamp -- not a breakfast appliance -- but it is RAD.

Picture 178
Helena showcases super-pointy cowboy boots on her mantle -- over an amplifier in the fireplace?
Mantis egg sack
This is Evita's praying mantis egg sack -- part of her practice of using beneficial predators in her garden.
My Vending Machine
Just Katety set up a non-working dishwasher as a party snack vending machine. No, it does not keep the sodas cold.
Records by Colour
Mod Mischief takes the concept of arranging books by color a step further by moving over to record albums.
My pencil collection…. 73.365
Sungazing has a pencil collection. Do you have a weird collection? How do you display it? Share it with us!
Home is where the Controller is
Aw yeah, Obajoo's nerd needlepoint.

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  1. Dude I checked all three sites not 15 minutes ago and no new articles and suddenly facebook alerts me to a new post.
    That toaster is ridiculously awesome and I love the idea of the dishwasher-as-a-snack-cupboard. And the nerdy needlepoint. All awesome.

    Edited to add: I see kitty paws above the snack cupboard!

  2. Love the pencil collection. So colorful.

    I've seen photos where people use paint chip samples as art. I love that sort of thing. Little colorful things that add up to a big thing when you group it all together purposefully.

  3. What a great use for a dishwasher! I love Dan Phillips' philosophy– here's a video about him too. He seems quite the character:

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