Kawaii housewares so dang cute, they’ll de-age you by 10 years

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61qNylw+KEL._SL1032_Even before I had a kid, my tastes leaned heavily towards the stupid-cute and beyond adorable. I mean, my favorite paintings feel like they’re straight out of a psycheldelic Kawaii fever-dream.

That in mind, in the spirit of my shoe posts over on Offbeat Bride, I thought I’d do a little shoppy-shoppy post about insanely cutey cute housewares, guaranteed to make your house feel like a toddler space station populated by talking bears.

(Oh, and I’m not even TOUCHING bento supplies today — that’s a whole post unto itself.)

As always, click the photos for more information!



A La Cute Shaker Set


Next Leg of the Journey Luggage Tag

Kawaii Not Sugar Skull Decal

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 12.41.01 PM

Best Friends Fur-ever Mug


Softie at Hearth Rug

Comments on Kawaii housewares so dang cute, they’ll de-age you by 10 years

  1. MochiMochi!!! That lady is amazeballs! I love to stare at her blog in wonder! I’ve attempted a few of her patterns myself, they’re not as cute, but my daughter likes them anyway! Yay!

  2. You posted knitting mochi mochi and yet no mention of crochet amigurumi?! My fiancee was thrilled to come home to crocheted bacon and eggs from me one day…

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