Government-sponsored zombie preparedness literature

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Whatever it takes to get the word out, Centers for Disease Control. Following up on the popularity of their May 2011 zombie preparedness blog, the CDC released a zombie apocalypse novella this month.

After a zombified neighbor attacks, Todd and his lady find themselves trapped in their home, getting news from the CDC’s website until they have to make a run for more food.

In the end it turns out it was all a dream, but Todd wakes up with the inspiration to put together an emergency kit.

Which is smart — zombies or no. We’ve prepared a bug out bag and gathered a few things for our house. Have you got an emergency kit? Have you used it?

Comments on Government-sponsored zombie preparedness literature

  1. Zombies are my number 1 fear. I have a few different plans so that, depending on the type of zombie (are they fast moving, slow moving, smart, stupid, daytime, nighttime, rotting etc.). I have shared some of my plans with my husband (except smart… just in case).
    My only issue with the comic is that despite their preparedness, they seem to be caught by the zombies in the end when they over run the poorly protected elementary school.

  2. While I certainly think the comic is fun, I hate to see my tax dollars going to stuff like this when large populations in this country are still lacking in decent healthcare!

      • I suspect this is actually a lot cheaper than more conventional methods of getting the message out there. Advertising is expensive. As well as paying actors/graphic designers to make the advert they have to pay for space on someones website/magazine/TV channel and that alone can run into hundreds of dollars.

        This way they get (effectively) free hosting and by making it about zombies people are choosing to come to the site and read it rather than trying to ignore it because it’s just another advert in the way of what they want to see.

  3. The city I live in (Bristol, UK) has a Zombie Walk every year, which my partner and I use as a reminder to update our plans for the zombie apocalypse. Our plan is to drive to the coast, then sail (yeah, bitches, SAIL) to the Isle of Man.

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