Needles, teeth, and photos of dead people: the macabre home of Emilia

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Our livingroom with half of our gasmask collection. The wheelchair is the 'I'm too lazy to walk to the fridge so I'm just gonna roll my way there' wheelchair. My mac somehow seems to be out of place in this picture!

On this Halloween day, I’m going to play favorites! Emilia has this organically creepy home, and it’s right up my alley: all bones, x-rays, and glass containers. I really just want to live in a natural history museum. This is a total fantasy home for me.

Emilia used planks from a barn door to create a display for hog-slaughtering knives. I just said that with a completely straight face.

This set of bone cancer x-ray slides became a simple piece of art/a window mobile. It’s easy to find sets of slides at thrift shops — this is a smart idea.

And — I’m not making this up — I’m always looking for ways to display my bone collection. Putting jaws and skulls in large jars is so simple and eye-catching.

A vignette: old radio and IKEA frame-based shadow boxes.

Thanks to Emilia for sharing this set — I’d have posted it either way, but what’s better for Halloween on Offbeat Home than a tour of medical equipment, gas masks, and bone fragments?

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Comments on Needles, teeth, and photos of dead people: the macabre home of Emilia

  1. whooow. cool stuff. the bone-cancer slides make me queasy to think about… but I love the gas-masks, antlers, jars and jaws.

  2. I do hope those bone fragments were obtained ethically (says the mortuary archaeologist).

    If you don’t know the provenience of human remains, don’t buy them, please. India used to sell the remains of deceased homeless people to medical supply companies and currently Chinese companies (China is the leading supplier now) refuse to provide provenience of the human remains they supply.

    Sorry to bring the party down with ethics, but it is a huge concern in my field. 🙁

    • I take your point, but the bones I see in the pictures appear to be animal bones. Though if they were human bones your comment would totally apply.

    • Yeah they are just animal bones 🙂
      Those are from a friend who bought an old farm, they found loads of them in the old barn!

    • You mean the one in the glass cabinet? It’s the Waffen SS-Lazarett Berlin morphine bottle pouch. Original ofcourse, with all the bottles intact with labels and all 🙂 It’s my little baby, no one can touch it haha.

      No I’m not a reenactor, just a collector or strange stuff haha.

      • Holy gods, where did you find that little gem? Your home is the best that’s been featured on OBH by MILES. The straight-razor shadowbox and the jawbone jar are fabulous! Where do you get your inspiration?

        • It’s from another collector who sold it on this Finnish version of ebay. Just stumbled upon it by accident!

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