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Emergency preparedness list

Your just-in-case emergency supplies list (without getting too post-apocalyptic about it)

The world is pretty rough for some of us with natural disasters, flooding, hurricanes, and the incoming zombie apocalypse. Strike that last one. It’s worrisome in certain areas (and we know that even U.S. citizens don’t always get the help they need in their own country), and it never hurts to be prepared. But you don’t have to get all paranoid survivalist about it. Just a few extra supplies on hand can give you a little peace of mind.

I scoured the CDC website to see what they recommend for emergency supplies to have on hand. Here are the most important…

Get your “Oh shit, I’m sick” kit ready before it’s too late

Being sick freaking sucks. But if there’s one thing that sucks even more, it’s having to go to the store when you’re sick to stock up on all the illness accoutrements. During undergrad I worked at a pharmacy on campus, and was regularly exposed to all manner of germs and products with which to treat those germs. I started stocking up on supplies at the beginning of the year, so that when the inevitable welcome-back bug infected me, I’d be ready.

How to create the perfect emergency overnight bag!

When my boyfriend has to travel unexpectedly, he doesn’t always have the luxury of stopping to buy a toothbrush and a change of clothes — and who wants to own six toothbrushes anyway? I hated the thought of him sitting in a hotel room with none of the comforts of home, so I created his emergency away-from-home kit! Here are some tips to prepare yourself or your other half for unexpected trips.

Streamline your booboos: Building a mini first-aid kit

When I was in college I had the first aid kid to end all first aid kits. I was ready for everything. Ibuprofen. Tylenol. Allergy meds. Bug spray. Gauze pads. Lozenges. Athletic tape, even though I wasn’t athletic. Two dozen condoms, even though I had never had sex. I was ready for everything short of a sucking chest wound, and if I ran into one of those, I could always break out my duct tape. Fast forward six years and I’m out of college, out of school, much less organized, and still hanging on to that damn enormous first aid kit and getting into it is a huge pain in the ass. So, after a round of stomach flu, I spent $5, and streamlined my first aid kit into something a little more accessible. Here’s my guide to the new and improved, streamlined mini first-aid kit.

Great idea of the day: Back-to-school preparedness kit

It’s time to go back to school whether you scholarly folk like it or not. Do you know someone who’s in the “like it not” category? I like the idea of putting together a back-to-school gift bag full of sometimes useful/sometimes silly products to ease the pain of the first school bell. What would you put in YOUR kit?

Always be prepared: How much water do I need to keep on hand in case of emergency?

If disaster strikes tonight, if Godzilla comes down your street, crushing the pavement, ripping up water lines and making travel difficult, will you be prepared? Part of running a household means making contingency plans. How will you stay safe and healthy in case of natural disaster, monster infestation, disease outbreak, service interruption, alien invasion, civil unrest, or war?

Zombiepocalypse Easter basket full of prepping supplies (and candy!)

Do you know how fun it is to prepare for the end of the world, zombie-style? It’s my new favorite hobby! The best part is I never run out of gift ideas anymore (my husband is one of those impossible-to-buy-for guys). I’ll use any holiday as an excuse to add to our collection. Here’s what I put together to make Easter working with our prepping plans.

Government-sponsored zombie preparedness literature

Whatever it takes to get the word out, Centers for Disease Control. Following up on the popularity of their May 2011 zombie preparedness blog, the CDC released a zombie apocalypse novella this month. OMG, the CDC is worried about zombies?!