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Doesn’t it just hurt to buy disposable plates? The paper ones are flimsy and the plastic ones are PLASTIC, but sometimes flatware just won’t work — a huge party! A big reunion at a park! Maybe some of you are planning a wedding, hmmmm?

For a more sustainable option, sponsor supplies eco-friendler bamboo tableware. The shop sells in bulk only, so you’ll prep for a summer’s worth of parties. OR! Go in with a group of friends and divvy up the order.

The dishes are waterproof, biodegradable and they look niiiice. Check it:

They’re sturdier than paper plates, so your day-long patiofest guests can reuse their dishes instead of going through four packages of paper plates. also has pieces for serving and display, like this bamboo canoe.

The bamboo cones would be an easy addition to make a table setting pop — and they’re great for finger foods.

See? Pretty utensils and a variety of options — all biodegradable. Start planning your eco-friendlier party and pick out table wares at

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a party-pooper on Earth Day, I’m a little baffled. Things don’t generally biodegrade in garbage bags so are you supposed to compost them?

    • If you have a compost bin, absolutely! I actually fact-checked this: people have tested bamboo party ware and it does do well in compost.

    • It’s also possible to get biodegrabable bin bags. Might take a bit longer for the stuff inside to get started but once the bag is breaking down they should decompose like normal.

      • This was a big issue for me when I used to work at an organic/crunchy/earth friendly baby store – the clientele were all upscale white woman who felt very self righteous about their choice to buy a $28 dollar organic cotton onesie (which would only fit their kid for 3 months). I hate that buying ethical or eco-friendly is a privalage of the wealthy. “I don’t know how anyone could *not* feed their family organic!” was a common refrain – and I wanted to scream, “here’s how – some people can’t afford it!”

  2. We’re having a big urban farmer potluck next weekend and this was an issue we were dealing with. We don’t want all the waste and we don’t have enough real plates and silverware for everyone. Instead we decided to include in the invitation that everyone bring their own place settings. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback about it too. I think it’s something we’ll continue doing when we have parties.

    • I really like this idea, as well as the idea of stocking up place settings from Goodwill/second hand stores (which are inexpensive and can be re-donated or reused without much hassle). There are a *ton* of alternatives to using paper plates, it just takes creativity!

  3. If you entertain regularly, you can buy a whole load of ceramic plates and reuse them!
    I’ve also seen an article somewhere about someone who shared 100 plates with their mom, so they had 50 each and could pool them for massive parties.
    If I did this, i think I’d buy pasta bowls (or whatever those bowls with big flat bottoms are called) because then they’re good for soup and dessert as well as main courses and more spill-friendly if you’re eating on your lap.

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