A surprisingly colorful science geek bathroom and a buncha little collections

April 25 2011 |

This Monday, let's look at some of the quirky pieces our homies have collected, brought to us by the Offbeat Home Flickr Group:

The Now.
Ariel introduced me to this photo of John 'Halcyon' Styn. He's a perfect example of how important the PEOPLE are in making a home offbeat.

Miranda perfectly matched a Periodic Table shower curtain with watercolor paintings of bacteria. Slick!
Love the jug built into the wall of this earthen hut. Photo by gioselthaiz.
Upcycled 12" art
Music geeks, take note (ha!): Misty shared her set of six hand-painted vinyl records. Cheap, lovely art!
This is just one snap of Joanna's baroque-y room with ornate flocked wallpaper and a dark wood writing desk.
Panda Face has so many bikes -- there are three more stashed around the apartment.
Salad indoors + rock collection
I have serious mineral envy over Allison Chains' rock collection.
Undercover Cooking
Zneppi crafted a '50s kitchen in Austria.
Revel in the simple prettiness of whoisjaja's garden in matched containers.

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    • A friend did some for me really simply – freehanded a stencil, cut it out and did a blast of spraypaint. Spray a coat of sealant over the top and voila!

  1. Oh my god, that's almost exactly how my rock collection was arranged, including being in front of a mirror on an old dresser! Mine is mostly smaller pieces though, so jealous of the awesome geodes!

    I love the vinyl art too. Very tempted to try something like that.

  2. I have that same shower curtain! And those bacteria paintings are a really awesome idea for matching decor that I might have to steal.

  3. we also have that shower curtain! and our whole bathroom (come to think of it, our whole apartment) is geek-tastic. =)

    1 agrees
  4. Just wanted to say….i love love love these monday montages, makes my mondays so much nicer – thank you! 🙂

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