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dorotea: Cover your kitchen in gardens of flora with this nature-themed dishware

Cover your kitchen in gardens of flora with this nature-themed dishware

I spied an Amazon-exclusive dishware line by Seattle-based Carolina Silva, called Dorotea, and fell into a fantasy of rose tea and scone-filled mornings in my sunlit kitchen. But it can actually be that adorable in your house! All of the floral and nature-themed dishware patterns are hand-drawn, and the colors are a muted and gorgeous throwback to pastels from the ’70s and ’80s — but with way more subtlety.

These fucking dish towels will make you feel dirty in the best way

Yes, that is a dish towel that says “Drink Up Bitches.” And that is not where the beautiful dish towel crassness ends. The sheer amount of “fucks” and sexual innuendos that these dish towels contain is both mind-blowing and life-affirming…

Dish gloves that are cute but not “I eat makeup for breakfast and poop pink glitter” cute

90% of the “cute” fashion-y dish gloves that I can find are either too girly or way too utilitarian and plain. Is there something in the middle — something different but that doesn’t scream “I eat makeup for breakfast and poop pink glitter”?

A kitchen sink organizer made of antlers

I wanted to get the sponges and other scrubbing devices out of the sink and out of the way, in such a way that they would only drip into the sink while drying. Most of the organizers I’d seen were supposed to sit in the sink, taking up valuable sink real estate (I have a small sink). So I built this solution instead!

Stop everything and look at these planet plates

Yeah, I said “planet plates” because that’s a thing now! The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (best biz name ever) makes this set of eight melamine plates featuring freaking watercolor portraits of the planets in our solar system.

3 stupidly-simple kitchen lifesavers for lazy assholes

On a scale of one to ten, my love of cleaning is probably something around the seventh layer of hell.

Pretty-up your kitchen sink to make dishwashing more enjoyable

Our kitchen sink is awful. It only has one basin, it was disgusting when we moved in, and seems to love hanging onto water spots. We have a dishwasher but a lot of our dishes have to be hand-washed, and that’s usually my job. Since I despise washing dishes I came up with a couple ideas to make it less awful…

Defeating my most-loathed chore — putting the dishes away

ome people hate taking out the trash, for others cleaning the toilet makes them fly into a rage. My own personal household Waterloo has always been emptying the dishwasher. It wasn’t until my husband and I put all of our stuff in storage, moved across the country, and rented a temporary apartment that I had my Oh, baskets! moment: HAVE FEWER DISHES.