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Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket

Yep, there’s a safe child’s car seat that fits in your pocket(!)

I was introduced to a truly neat, seriously overdue concept: a super safe child safety seat that condenses down to the size of a medium cup of coffee. It weighs less than a pound, secures in about 20 seconds, and is perfect for traveling, cabs and other rideshares, and for keeping on hand whenever you need it.

Illuminate your next party with these glowing summer garden lights

Illuminate your next garden party with these glowing summer party lights

UK readers: this one’s for you! We’ve partnered with a seriously fun company that sells every kind of light you can imagine — from lighted bottle coolers to cool patio lights to sleek and modern lighting for your home. We decided to highlight a few of our favorites for a roundup of summer party lights for your summer BBQs and chic evening soirees indoors or outdoors.

Here are some to peruse…

BDSM gone refined: this classy kink gear is sleek AF & your partner's dream D/s gift

BDSM gone refined: this classy kink gear is sleek AF & your partner’s dream gift

In the BDSM and kink communities, the search for elegant and lovely accessories can be a little limiting. There’s a whole lot of clunky and less-than-delicate options for D/s jewelry, collars, and leather. Thankfully, we’ve got a connection that offers high quality, classy kink gear handmade from fine-as-hell materials for the discriminating D or s. It’s time to get to know Restrained Grace, a woman-owned kink gear and jewelry provider that takes everything up a notch.

Cads about Maternity: The baby shower game that won’t suck!

Cads About Maternity is the baby shower game for parents with dark, dirty minds — so you know it’s good.

The results are as joyful and disgusting as parenthood itself. And I promise it just may be the one baby shower game that everyone ACTUALLY wants to play.

Relationship hack: Take 5 minutes a week to help improve your relationship

Remember when we explored if there was any any non-religious marriage advice? Our sponsor Relate could be the non-corny, non-religious, science-based approach to helping you improve your relationship that you’ve been looking for!

Revolutionize your style with oVertone’s new hair glitter!

You might remember our sponsor oVertone as the collection of colorful-infusing conditioners that help you (and me!) keep your mermaid/unicorn/alien/fairy hair vibes going between dye jobs. But that’s not the only way oVertone is revolutionizing our heads. They’re back with something even more exciting…

Freaking HAIR GLITTER!!!

Rose gold engagement rings to brighten your life (and match your tech!)

Are you planning on proposing over the holidays? If so, let’s talk engagement rings. Specifically rose gold engagement rings, which are super popular this year (and forever and ever amen).

Let’s dive head-first into a pink-hued wonderland of bling…

Melting cats & rainbow unicorns: uncommon gifts from UncommonGoods!

Wanna know a little secret about my gift-shopping prowess? I generally head to UncommonGoods the moment I start my “awesome gifts on the internet” search. This year, just in time to get your holiday shop on, UncommonGoods has joined forces with me as one of our sponsors! So I get to gush about some of the unique gifts that cut just about melt your face with all the awesome…