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Eat like a Jedi: Star Wars dinner sets!

Thanks to Think Geek, there exists such a wonderous thing as Star Wars dinnerware! These are the mother fucking plates you’re looking for…

Stop everything and look at these planet plates

Yeah, I said “planet plates” because that’s a thing now! The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (best biz name ever) makes this set of eight melamine plates featuring freaking watercolor portraits of the planets in our solar system.

Who can suggest clever ways to store my flatware?

We finally got round to redesigning our kitchen after four long years. Now that the design has been finalised and sent off to the fitters I suddenly released that I don’t have any drawers! I have no idea how to store my cutlery. I’ve always had a tray in a drawer and now that’s not an option. I would really love to hear about awesome cutlery storage alternatives.

Rainbow flatware and cutlery round-up: like a pot of gold for your mouth

Reader Emma recently shared a link to this set of rainbow flatware from Fiesta, and I TOTALLY get why she was so stoked about it — how happy would you be to open up your silverware drawer and see these smiling up at you? Just knowing this set existed had me wondering what ELSE in the world might be rainbow-adorned, designed for you to eat with it, and not made of plastic — and here’s what I found.

Pre-sort your silverware in the dishwasher

The sorting and putting away of silverware is the most annoying and time-consuming part of doing dishes. Why don’t I just sort them as I put the dirty ones INTO the washer?

Supply your shindig with eco-friendly disposable plates from

Doesn’t it just hurt to buy disposable plates? The paper ones are flimsy and the plastic ones are PLASTIC, but sometimes flatware just won’t work — a huge party! A big reunion at a park! For a more sustainable option, sponsor supplies eco-friendler bamboo tableware.