ben giving the cat thumbs upThe offbeat occupant: Tiffany, photographer and purveyor of vintage goods

Other occupants: My boyfriend, girlfriend, and our cat

Approximate square footage: 1000-2000 sq. feet

How many bedrooms? 3

Lives in: Dunedin, Florida

When did you move into this home? December 2010

Let’s start with the neighborhood. What’s it like where you live? I love the location. We are 400 feet from the gulf of Mexico, near Honeymoon Island. I love Honeymoon Island, and the neighborhoods that surround it are typical mid-century modern neighborhoods within walking distance to the beach and canals. We’re also across the street from a trail and Hammock Park woods — both great lures to an active beach community.

freshly painted front planter (only the bottom)

What makes your home offbeat? On the exterior it is a typical late fifties mid-century modern ranch. The interior has glittered ceilings and terrazzo flooring. The drive through carport — and the bright open floor plan along with our funky collection of eclectic thrifted and gifted furniture and art make it pretty offbeat.

ben and the cat shareing

we painted the sunroom white

our living room

What’s most challenging about this space? How do you deal with the challenge? So far the only challenge is keeping cooling costs low in the summer, as the big open sun room has the most heat and the strongest air conditioner vent. It seems they didn’t care about efficiency in the ’50s! I’m thinking about curtains, but floor-to-ceiling ’70s drapes aren’t around like they used to be.

sun room

What’s your favorite feature of your home? It changes. For now its the loads of natural light, glittered ceilings, and terrazzo flooring… but when rainy season hits, it’s the carport! There’s nothing like driving right up to your front door while your neighbors dash to theirs in torrential downpours!

mow that yard in your camo!

cat tails in the vases !!!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from this home? Don’t worry if things get ruined — and don’t spend a lot of money on furniture! A home is meant to be lived in and furniture will get dirty.

kt sittin n txtn

What advice do you have for other offbeat homies? Try new things all the time! I’m going to put a bed in our backyard and really try to bring the indoors out!

ben mowin the lawn

Show me the decor porn!

Comments on ’70s kitsch in a Floridian mid-century modern

  1. Bed in the backyard is a great idea. This is my favorite tour to date. I liked the before middle and after, morning afternoon and evening, close up and step back shots. You are living my mid century modern in Florida fantasy.

  2. Hi, Tiffany! I love the circular, cream-colored (shag? flokati?) rug that’s in front of the television. I’ve been trying to find one just like it for my apartment. Where did you get yours?

    • its OLD and from a thrift store ;)i believe its a real flotaki.. i have several lol im a hoarder..i wish i could tell you an easy place to get one! or something similar!

  3. I would LOVE to see pictures of the bed-in-the-garden when it’s done!

    A pub near where I live put a whole bunch of inside furniture outside in the beer garden – sofas, mirrors, fancy drapings, and it looks awesome.

  4. I love-love-love your house, Tiffany! (which you already know because I swoon all over it whenever you post pics :). But I 100% agree about the furnishings – I have a lot less dread when I see a stain on the fab vintage sofa than a scratch on our new west elm dining chairs. It would be easier to take if they were pre-loved and pre-scratched, despite the fact that I know it’s bound to happen with kids in the house.

  5. The unit the tv is sitting on is almost exactly what we have been looking for in every Goodwill/Salvation Army/thrift shop! Your house is simply perfectly retro in every awesome way.

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