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Woodgrain housewares to give your place that Midcentury feel

Woodgrain housewares to give your place that Midcentury feel

Offbeat home decor may have new trends coming and going, but woodgrain details always come back strong. I scrounged up some new faves for woodgrain on both expected AND unexpected items in your house. Think wallets, glasses, fans, gaming controllers, and some contact paper to cover anything left over in your house.

Let’s get to shopping for mid-century-inspired woody goodness…

This mid-century modern lake house in Baltimore is ready for a swanky cocktail party

Another week, another Homie finds a fabulous time capsule home and immediately thinks, “Megan, this looks right up your time-capsule home tour alley.” Thank you, Becky. It does, and it is. And I MUST NEEDS SHARE IT WITH YOU!

This time it’s this 1947 lake house in Baltimore…

Whether it’s mid-century or modern, all-grey home decor is actually pretty dynamic

I’m having a love affair with grey home decor at the moment. So when I was doing my usual (and super-pointless as I am not looking to buy a home) sweep of the Los Angeles real estate market on my beloved Redfin, I was floored by the surprisingly dynamic all-grey interior design of these two homes…

I want to have an affair with these Mad Men-style time capsule homes

Homie and guest-poster Julie F sent me an email that just said “OH MY GODZZZZZ” with a link to these Mad Men-style time capsule homes. I thought I’d ignore everyone who said they hate real estate posts, and cater to my fellow real estate boner-having Homies.

Mid-century design meets geek artist Steve Thomas

Artist Steve Thomas got spot on two things I love above all: early/mid-century design and geek stuff. Tolkien-themed posters, Fallout-style propaganda, Sci-fi travelling ads… It’s like Christmas, but only better.

My dream house: Snow White’s Los Angeles tiki-style bungalow

Can we take a minute to talk about our dream homes? I believe we all have (at least) one, right? You know, that one house that you always drive by on your way to work/the grocery store/your favorite vacation spot. That one house that you day dream about owning. You know… if you suddenly came into a million (or more) dollars. That house?

Well, torture upon tortures, my dream house is on the market right now. This is MY “that house”:

Decked out Frankensteined lighting by Omega Too

Shopped for lighting lately? You probably found yourself disappointed by the white bread wood veneer choices at Home Depot. Our new sponsor Omega Too Lighting & Design will pull you out of the sad chandelier shopper slump.

I LOVED browsing their site. I got a very The Sims vibe, bouncing from art nouveau pieces to gothic chandeliers to candle sconces — you wanna see?

Retro space-age house porn with Lustron Homes

My friend Rachel has a thing for Lustron homes. They’re these mod-looking houses built of pre-fabricated enameled steel. And luckily, Lustron has fans.