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Southern homes

Southern living is a flavor all its own – less snow, more warmth, and a different set of troubles and perks. From Hotlanta to Texas, here are our Southern Offbeat Homes.

My hopelessly-hooked-on-Craigslist home tour

We moved in a month ago and have worked extremely hard to make it feel like a home. We are strong believers in “reduce, reuse and recycle” and try to apply it to our home as much as possible. We tend to shop at thrift stores and garage sales — and love a good Craigslist deal. Take a look around and I hope you find inspiration in what you see.

Will and Helen and the house they built — with their own hands

Morgan brings us a photographic tour of this Alabama home — built from the ground up by its owners. Complete with a spiral staircase, concrete countertops, and hand-made ceiling timbers.

Alison and Brendan’s highly-organized high-design space with lots of customized storage

We’ve mixed our tastes — designer and sci-fi — with lots of time, picture hangers, and shelves. Come see how we made our apartment look this good with just two closets.

One big happy family works it out in a high-chroma house

Mica Sue and Stephen live with kids Phoenix, Ocean, Anna, and Garrett and pets Holly and Mr. Kitters in a three bedroom house in east Tennessee. And it’s all a bit… chromatic. And full.

’70s kitsch in a Floridian mid-century modern

A Siamese cat, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, and a glittery gold carport: these are just the tip of this bright retro Florida home.

Adrienne’s place in Oklahoma: Where 1960 meets southwestern flavor

Adrienne’s family uses DIY, thrifting, and hand-me-downs to build an airy Oklahoma home straight outta 1960. After touring this home, I think wall-mounted bottle openers should be the next big home trend.

Stephanie and Sean’s recycled, reused, refurbished apartment in the deep south

Offbeat Mama Managing Editor Stephanie gives us a guided tour of her carefully-crafted, kid-friendly apartment filled with thrifty finds. The family’s got bright blue walls, loads of art, and a gigantic bean bag for one little dog.