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Escape the cold with this kitschy, Floridian winter getaway to Jacksonville Beach

I ended up in the Jacksonville Beaches area to attend a wedding. Coming from Michigan to Florida in December seemed like a good time to turn the trip into a nice vacation. The location is beautiful and I wanted to prioritize taking as much time to relax as possible.

The cutest freaking kitchen toys I’ve ever freaking seen

I found out about this company called Streamline that makes the cutest freaking kitchen wares I’ve ever god-damn seen. I thought I’d share the cuteness with all y’all.

Forest animal-inspired bathroom decor for the wild at home

Much like with my last bathroom theme post, I was inspired by a shower curtain to create this inspiration board. From there, I scoured the web for the cutest forest animals fit for a bathroom. Let these porcupines, bears, foxes, and birdies help you get ready every morning… like a mother fucking Disney princess!

Get your kicks on this Americana-fueled road trip on Route 66

Technically, our trip was all of Route 66 (through: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California), plus the driving it took to get us to the start — we came from Nate’s folks house; so, Ohio and Indiana. And then from California to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois. We spent the better part of a month living out of our car and tent, traveling across America together.

Gifts for the quirky, kitschy, special unicorns, and the kids-at-heart

We all have that one super-quirky, weird, and wonderful friend who always finds the coolest stuff that makes you go “where the hell did you find that!?” Guess what: I found a shitload of the coolest gifts on the internet that will make your friend say “where the hell did you find this!?”

I love my frying panda

Holy crapsicles, how cute is this freaking frying pan? I’m sorry, I mean, frying panda. I fell in love with her when I saw her over on ModCloth. I was also impressed to see that the reviews were all glowing.

My tiny, kitschy, crafty, and Star Wars-y living space

It’s easy to get wrapped up in trying to make your home perfect and coordinating and sticking to one certain look. I’ve tried for so long to stick to certain colour schemes, or a certain really specific look, and I was never completely happy and also could never get it quite right. Finally, I figured out that you shouldn’t have to pick one thing you love and apply that to your decor, but instead apply everything you love to your decor. Like in my case I love kitschy, vintage things, as well as crafts and DIY, then mix in some Star Wars and dinosaurs and there you have it! It all combines to create a very kitschy, eccentric look.

What to do with a box full of kitschy swizzle sticks?

I bought a bucket full of these vintage cocktail stirrers at a flea market, “swizzle sticks,” the guy called them. I want to do something with them… but I’m not sure what. I’m a pretty good DIY-er when it comes to figuring out how to make or do something, but what to use these for has me totally stumped. Do you have any ideas?