How to hang paper collections, a miniature castle, and turquoise walls in this week's reader photos

Start your week with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. This week: see a revolutionary stained glass window and a mural on the side of a home. In these Clicky Links you'll find lots of sites to waste a little time on — and new perspectives on roommates with bad habits.

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Creating a sense of ownership in a home I don’t like

I am not a gated-community lover. Where some people see neat, tidy, clean, and fresh, I see suffocating sameness. Where some people see safe community outside the reaches of city life, I see bizarre planned suburbia far far away from everyone else (ideal in zombie apocalypse, not so much for everyday life). Some people like rules, I like being able to park on the street overnight. Now I find myself living with AWESOME PEOPLE in my nightmare neighborhood: the suburbs. But why be all Sad Sam about it?


How to hang a picture without losing your deposit

Let's Learn a Thing today! I hear a lot of comments on Offbeat Home about the difficulty people have with hanging things, so i'mma put on my Housewife hat and lay it all out for you: how to hang art on notoriously-difficult plaster walls OR! how to break the rules of your lease the smart way. (If you do it right, no one will know!)


9 ideas to bring fun and comfort back to the dorms

WHOO! SPRING SEMESTER! Time to party hard and go to class and study a lot and…trudge out of your last lab so tired you want to sleep forever…back home to your 10×10 cinderblock den with communal showers…and constant fire alarms. Okay, living in dormitories can get boring — even frustrating. I'm thinking back on those days and pulling out the cozy ways my roommate and I made our dorm a fun place to relax, even when schedules got tough: after she pulled another all-night at the hotel front desk or when I got done with my soul-crushing, puppy-killing job.


Naked scientists and ways the world might end: 5 calendars for 2012

Now it is the best time of the year: the END of the year. It's fascinating that we as a people periodically say "this period of time is over. BEGIN NEW PERIOD!" Isn't it? As December 31st ends, we mentally partition off the year, old habits, and new goals. January 1st isn't a different day than December 31 in any way, but if FEELS new.



Decked out Frankensteined lighting by Omega Too

Shopped for lighting lately? You probably found yourself disappointed by the white bread wood veneer choices at Home Depot. Our new sponsor Omega Too Lighting & Design will pull you out of the sad chandelier shopper slump.

I LOVED browsing their site. I got a very The Sims vibe, bouncing from art nouveau pieces to gothic chandeliers to candle sconces — you wanna see?