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Shopped for lighting lately? You probably found yourself disappointed by the white bread wood veneer choices at Home Depot. Our new sponsor Omega Too Lighting & Design will pull you out of the sad chandelier shopper slump.

Omega Too is run by two big architectural enthusiasts, Vanessa and Mark Bell, who spend their days scouring antique fixtures and piecing together Frankenstein-y constructions.

I LOVED browsing their site. I got a very The Sims vibe, bouncing from art nouveau pieces to gothic chandeliers to candle sconces — you wanna see?

Hickson Pendant

This Hickson Half Nickle Pendant caught my eye right away. I imagine this space-age style beauty hanging over the booth in my kitchen, lighting a late night snack.

The Gables

SO. PRETTY. So sculptural. The Gables sconce.

The Louisa Medium Ring Light

The Louisa ring light is gothtastic — and there are matching sconces, too!

Nolan Sconce

The Nolan looks like a gaslamp! Apartment-dwelling steampunks, listen up: this’uns available in a PLUG IN version.

These are just the tip of the architectural findings available at Omega Too. Love on the sconces, pendants, and bath fixtures, and pick something nice for yourself.

Comments on Decked out Frankensteined lighting by Omega Too

  1. *sigh* The Louisa light ring is exactly want I’ve been wanting for 10 years to go in my dining room (to replace the blah fixture that came w/the house). Now I’ll have to save up for another 10 years to afford it! So lovely.

    • Hey Trystan–there’s an antique store in the Burbank not far from you that specializes in vintage light fixtures–you should be able to find something quite similar to the candlering for not a heartbreaking amount of money.

  2. I’m lucky to live right down the street from them! In fact, I just installed one of their light fixtures in my bathroom! But seriously – they’re incredible – both the fixtures and the people. Though I haven’t looked through their online store, there are these truly fabulous vintage spaceship sconces that are in the store, with a night light looking bulb poking out the back making it look like the rockets are taking off… and I lust after them SO BAD. All this to say: YES! I HEART OMEGA TOO (and Omega Salvage!)!!

  3. Ahhhh!!! I fell in love the second I went to their page. Now all I need to do is save up a ridiculous amount of cash, I fell in love with a $1200 piece.

    …wonder if I can convince a client to install them in their house…

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